Our Clients

Anna P.

Not Only did you give us keys to our own home, you have also given us keys to many opportunities to better our lives and succeed in all our endeavors. You are all a blessing for those who are rolling up their tents and following in our footsteps! ~ Anna


I have gotten the trust of my family back because I am in a stable place. My grandkids come to visit me. And now my house is not just a place to live, they (the grandkids) have turned it into a home. When I put my key in the door, I am home and that is a great feeling. ~ Harold


For 20 years I spent my time looking for a place to sleep at night, looking for food, fighting for my health, and fearing for my life. I don't think people understand what it means to be stable and have a home. It's my sanctuary, it's where I feel safe. ~ Lydia

Richard K.

It is the simple things that people take for granted. I was terrified of going out my door. I had to relearn everything like how to deal with a landlord. I am able to live a much better life now. I’m not a shut-in anymore. I volunteer at Animal Humane where I walk dogs. I went fishing by myself twice last week, went to a couple baseball games. I used to avoid problems and hide. Now I face them. ~ Richard

Alayna W.

I am grateful every day that I finally have a safe place to live. I can sleep, prepare my dinner, study and read. I’m getting healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally. Maybe I’ll open my own pastry shop, maybe I'll get married. Most importantly, I am finally able to have a clear dream for my future. ~ Alayna


Richard & Margaret

You guys were so great, so helpful. We’re not on the streets anymore because of you. You know, the hardest part about being homeless is the isolation, not knowing who to turn to, knowing your family was right down the street and not being able to turn to them. I’ve learned to let go of my anger about everything that happened to me. I’m learning how to take care of myself and to put my relationship with Margaret first. ~ Richard & Margaret

Tony & Julie

We were client #6 in your Housing First program and housed in October of 2005. Three years later we were able to get on Section 8 housing and make room for someone else to get housed through SHC. We have been fortunate to have each other and our art. Now we give back by mentoring other artists, creating opportunities for them to sell their art. We are honored to help, we always want to give back. ~ Tony & Julianna

Donald A.

I was working on my degree while living out of my car and in shelters. I was so overwhelmed and I felt like giving up. It took a while to get connected with SHC but once I did, they found me housing within 30 days. Now I no longer consider giving up. Before this, I never saw my future, I lived one day at a time. Now I have peace of mind and independence. I couldn't have done this without a roof over my head. SHC gave me an opportunity and an address, and I can focus on furthering my education. ~ Donald