Everyday Heroes

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Here at SHC we work every day towards ending homelessness for good. We are proud that we have built a solid team of individuals that believe in providing New Mexicans with permanent and supportive housing. In this line of work, everyday is different. Our participants have different needs and we are happy to assist them on their journey to housing. It is incredible to see how having a safe and secure home allows freedom to our participants. They no longer have to worry about where they are going to stay, they can focus on employment, family, and their health.

While every team member gives 110% every day, today we are putting the spotlight on Carly Miller, Housing & Services Coordinator. We received a referral from the Westside Shelter for a family that really needed to get housed. The family had qualified for a rental assistance voucher but unfortunately, because of some previous evictions, they were denied housing at over a dozen different place, even though they had paid off all their eviction debts. Carly had to come up with a creative solution to ending this family’s homelessness. She reached out to one of our partner landlords who had a house he was planning to sell. She explained the family’s situation, that they had been in shelter for five months and may end up losing their voucher if they didn’t find a place to live. The landlord said, “Well, let me meet them.” So, Carly came in on her holiday off to facilitate the meeting. The kids were so excited and the family was so nice, he couldn’t say no.

Carly gets teared up whenever she talks about this family because they are so positive. “I check in with them to see how they are doing. It’s such a joy to work with them.” The eldest daughter says she is excited to celebrate her birthday – they couldn’t do that in the shelter. They couldn’t have celebrations or open their Christmas gifts so they had all their family’s gifts in storage with family members until they found a place to live. Now the family is busy getting settled, reconnecting with family and friends. The Mom says that now that they have a stable place to live, “I can be totally focused on getting my kid’s health back, work on their trauma, take time to be happy and celebrate birthdays and accomplishments. Our family is united. I can feel this tension I’ve been feeling in my body get released.”

For Carly, working at SHC is all about the mission. “Our mission is making a difference, we can’t give up. For our clients and people who need it, it’s really important.” Because of her efforts and dedication to her position, Carly has been helping her new participants settle into their new home. Thank you, Carly, for believing in our mission. We are proud to have you with us at SHC!