Cassandra Porter

Cassandra Porter joined SHC in December of 2020. She is currently the Programs Supervisor for the Community Housing Department where she supervises and coordinates activities, programs, and operations for both housing and services components of the department.

She started finishing up her final thesis for a dual Masters program in both Sociology and Public Administration with University of Colorado in Colorado Springs (UCCS) when Covid-19 started. Since then she moved to New Mexico to wait out the pandemic and find a job. Cassandra previously lived in Albuquerque as a military spouse and later as a student at UNM where she got a dual Bachelors in Anthropology/Ethnography and American Studies. Her previous employment was with American Cancer Society, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Wild Forever Foundation as a grant writer and Income Development Specialist. Cassandra also spent a decade as a law enforcement officer and investigator in the US Air Force. She has four small dogs, two granddaughters and two grown children and has lived in or visited 29 different countries.