Ending homelessness for good

because everyone deserves a home

Our Mission

To end homelessness by providing affordable, permanent, and supportive housing to individuals and families in New Mexico

Our Impact

Permanent supportive housing has made it possible for Jesse to get the support he needs to stay clean and sober, find work that satisfies him, work on his art, and begin his journey of health and healing.



Downtown @700 2nd is not just a place where you pay rent but a place of love, wellness, and no negativity; a place that helps you rediscover your strengths and find your life again.


Not only did you give us the keys to our own home, you have also given us keys to many opportunities to better our lives and success in all our endeavors. You are all a blessing for those who are rolling up their tents and following in our footsteps!


I have gotten the trust of my family back because I am in a stable place. My grandkids come to visit me. And now my house is not just a place to live, they (the grandkids) have turned it into a home. When I put my key in the door, I am home, and that is a great feeling.


For 20 years I spent my time looking for a place to sleep at night, looking for food, fighting for my health, and fearing for my life. I don’t think people understand what it means to be stable and have a home. It’s my sanctuary, it’s where I feel safe.

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