Client Testimonials

We can tell you about what we do, but we also feel that what the people we serve have to say speaks volumes. Here are some actual statements and stories we have received.

brown-harold1When my case manager first asked if I was ready to live in an apartment, I said no. I doubted my ability to live on my own. But finally I agreed and got connected to housing through SHC-NM. It was so overwhelming to look at places to live but I finally got my own place. I am now so much more independent. I cook my own food (and I am a damn good cook!), pay my own bills, and keep all my appointments. I get to do things with family and friends – I can have fun and come back home. I have gotten the trust of my family back because I am in a stable place. My grandkids come to visit me. And now my house is not just a place to live, they (the grandkids) have turned it into a home. When I put my key in the door, I am home, and that is a great feeling. ~ H.B.


I wake up every day with a smile on my face because I have what I need to keep a happy home, my children have what they need to be content. Their own beds and bedding, a closet for their own clothes and of course their own space to be who they want. Yes, I count my blessings, I am truly blessed with everything that Supportive Housing has provided for me and my family. A beautiful home to keep a happy family. ~ A.L.


alayna2-2Before I got my apartment life was hard and I had no place to call home.  Since I have moved in to my apartment I am now going on six years free from drugs and I am stable on my medication, and safe from the harm of the streets. Now that I am situated I can move on and complete my associate’s degree in culinary arts. Thank you Supportive Housing Coalition for allowing me a new chance to be a part of a great organization and providing me with affordable housing. ~ A. W.



I just wanted to tell you and D. how thankful and grateful I am to both of you for helping me get my own place. It means the world to me and I couldn’t be happier. It happened so much faster than I could have imagined and I honestly thought at first I was going to be a number on a waiting list but you guys showed me you really care and I appreciate it on so many levels. I really am so very happy and I love my apartment. So once again, thank you and D. so much. I won’t let you guys down. ~ W.F.


Thank God for kind and generous people such as yourselves who work tirelessly to provide for people like me who have fallen on hard times, who do not judge the mentally ill, or those who may have made bad decisions. I shall never forget your fellowship. ~ S.K.


It has been a long trip for me,
From being homeless to feeling free.

My apartment is the best, I say,
With three windows and a mountain view I see everyday.

From nothing to here and moving towards better health,
A place like this is good for me and my mental wealth.

Thank you, Coalition, for going on a mission
And building a place to live.