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Our Mission:

To prevent and reduce homelessness and increase the quality of life for people with behavioral health issues in New Mexico by creating affordable, supportive housing in partnership with local communities and member agencies.

SHC-NM was founded in 1996 in response to local service providers’ recognition of an unmet need for safe, affordable housing for homeless and precariously housed persons with behavioral health disorders. SHC-NM serves single adults, families with children, at risk youth aging out of juvenile justice and foster care, and off-reservation urban Native Americans, all with serious behavioral health issues who are experiencing or are at-risk for homelessness.

Housing Development and Management
SHC-NM specializes in the development, ownership and management of supportive housing, while our community partners refer and place residents and offer a comprehensive range of supportive services to optimize the health, recovery, independence and housing stability of our residents. Since 1996, SHC-NM expanded from 11 apartments, acquired in 1998, to its current portfolio of 349 mixed income, affordable, and supportive housing units at seven properties in three counties through acquisition, rehabilitation, and new development. We strive to combine supportive housing with mixed income residents, sustainable green features, and award winning architectural design. Service Coordinators at our properties assist tenants in accessing supportive services such as financial literacy, job training, educational opportunities, and public benefits.

First in Housing First

Housing First is the nationally recognized, evidence-based approach that has been found to be the number one intervention for ending chronic homelessness. It is an intervention that rapidly houses people experiencing homelessness and then provides wrap-around services to support long term housing stability. In 2005, SHC-NM initiated the first-ever Housing First voucher program in New Mexico, working with partner landlords in scattered site apartments in Albuquerque. Today we manage nearly 400 housing vouchers annually for the City of Albuquerque Heading Home Initiative, U.S. Department of HUD, and New Mexico CYFD. The Community Housing department at SHC-NM is highly respected for efficient and compassionate delivery of housing services to the Albuquerque community. Collaboration with 150 partner landlords and several community partners for case management and referrals contributes to client placement and success.


SHC-NM has successfully spearheaded housing activities in coordination with Coalition member agencies, other collaborating partners, and the clients they serve. These community partners refer and place residents and offer a comprehensive range of supportive services to optimize the health, recovery, independence and housing stability of our residents. This formal collaboration enables SHC-NM and partnering agencies to pool resources, reduce competition, better coordinate service delivery, increase efficiencies, and embrace a broader strategy for creating supportive housing.

Our Vision

SHC-NM will continue to prevent and reduce homelessness for New Mexico’s most vulnerable homeless populations by maintaining our existing programs at the highest level of excellence, expanding into more communities, experimenting with new partnerships, and positioning as the state’s expert in permanent housing for people with behavioral health issues. We invite you to join the coalition of people, organizations, and public institutions who support SHC-NM and are committed to ending homelessness for our most vulnerable populations.

SHC-NM Services:

Tenant Based Rental Assistance Vouchers – SHC-NM works with over 150 participating private landlords in Albuquerque and is the primary provider of housing vouchers for the City of Albuquerque Heading Home Initiative. People who are homeless move in and stay in an apartment home paying no more than 30% of their incomes.

Move-in & Eviction Prevention – SHC-NM helps with one-time rental deposits and other expenses to support people in upfront expenses that often act as a barrier to renting an apartment home.

Crisis Housing – SHC-NM provides an apartment unit for up to 120 days for people discharged from hospitalization or incarceration.

SHC-NM Apartment Homes – SHC-NM owns and manages seven Apartment Home Complexes in Albuquerque, Gallup, and Las Vegas, New Mexico. Housing options range from micro-efficiencies to three bedroom units. 349 individuals and families pay below-market rents to live in a SHC-NM apartment home in mixed-income complexes.

Supportive Services – SHC-NM partners with local supportive service agencies to provide the “wraparound” services critical to maintaining housing stability. Service Coordinators at our SHC-NM complexes provide guidance to our residents in selecting appropriate services.